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Green City Ltd.

Green City Ltd.



We are happy to welcome you to the Forum of Israel Water Tech, a Forum which permits a rapid and uncomplicated communication for all Israeli and Italian participants of the project.

In a first step of the project the construction of the Forum aims to put you in contact with the other Israeli participants and the organization team to discuss about recent questions or doubts about any kind of question before the final event.


Therefore we kindly ask you to subscribe and to participate actively in the discussions to contribute to the flow of important information among all of the participants.

In a second step we will insert the Forum also in the Italian Version of the Homepage, which will be set online in the next weeks. The aim is to provide you with an instrument to get in contact with the Italian companies before and after the personal meetings in Milan.


Note: You can participate in the discussions also without online registration. In this case your posts will be subjected to our previous control.


The Forum is currently offline for maintenance.

Check back soon!