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Green City Ltd.

Green City Ltd.


Miya Arison Group
Miya Arison Group
Water efficiency, Water Management, Water loss management
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Miya Arison Group
00972 3 7779801
Mr. Tali Miller-Levin
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Miya, an Arison Group company, was established 2006 by and operates as part of Arison
Investments, the group’s business arm. Miya offers a comprehensive water loss solution for
municipalities through turkey projects- from audit of the city’s water system to full project
execution and maintenance.

The global group of Miya companies includes leading technology and engineering consulting
companies, in the water loss market from around the world. Miya holds the largest
accumulated know how in water loss management projects globally and its professional team
includes leading experts and companies in the field.

Technologies and products

Scope of Services

Water loss management project usually include the following services: Rapid NRW
assessment; Water loss audit; Development of short and long term NRW management
strategies; Design and implementation of DMA’s (District Metered Areas), Pressure
Management; Active leakage control and repair; Pipe repair; Management & control software;
Integrated customer meter management; Energy management solutions as well Knowledge

Decreasing the water loss levels enables our customers to reduce costs by:

  • Producing/purchasing less water
  • Energy savings due to improved efficiency of the system
  • Reducing the amount of chemicals used to treat the water
  • Saving or postponing investments in increasing water capacity or developing alternative water
  • sources
  • Extending the lifespan of existing infrastructures
  • Reducing maintenance cost

Increase revenues by reducing commercial losses caused by lack of metering and/or poor
metering and billing policies.

Minimize risks through flexible financial models.

Lower contamination risks to the water supply from bursts and antiquated pipes


  • Municipalities
  • Water utilities

Target Sector

Miya’s objective is to partner with municipalities and water utilities as a service provider, in
order to ensure long term efficiency of their network.